Located just 50 meters from the house there is one of the best bike parks in Europe. There is a 15 km trail suitable for both beginners and professionals. Bike park offers a bicycle rental service and equipment.

We offer our guests biking trips along the slopes of Pohorje, bike workshop, bike instruction for beginners and racers …

Action for visitors Bike Park Pohorje!

Staying for only € 16.00 per person per day!
Apartma 3+2 5. person gratis!
Apartma 6+2 7. and 8. person gratis!

Early arrival to the apartments from 9:00 onwards!
Late departure from apartments to 17:00!

Available lines on Pohorje:

RED line - red

2,9 km

Built 2018

super fast
huge berms
huge jumps
or advanced riders

FLOW line - blue

5,5 km

Built 2016

reshaped 2019
endless flow
for novice riders
small jumps
small drops

WORLD cup - black

2,1 km

Built 1999

World Cup track since 1999
for pro riders
natural terrain
rock 'n roll section
technical jumps